We are so glad you are joining us online for our Sunday gatherings. And maybe you are joining us during your Sunday Watch Party (More info & guides about those below)! We created a Sunday Online Gathering Guide to help guide our time together. It includes the sermon title with scripture reference, the lyrics for the worship songs we will be singing as well as a communion guide for a time of remembering Jesus' work on the cross. If you are hosting a watch party, feel free to send this guide out to everyone joining you or print out some copies. Push the button to download the Sunday Online Gathering Guide. 


To watch online, we have our gatherings streaming on both YouTube and Facebook every Sunday at 10am.



SUNDAY WATCH PARTIES -- Let's Worship Together!

We want to encourage you all to begin meeting together in smaller, intimate groups called Sunday Watch Parties.  We would love for New City members to host Sunday Watch Parties, inviting friends and family, to the level you’re comfortable with. God forbid “the church” be relegated to only being a meeting in a building with a PA system, projector, and a coffee station. We are spread out throughout our city as our spiritual ancestors were in the early days of Christianity. In some ways this is a return to our roots!

Jesus stayed in and taught from the homes of friends. Jesus had breakfast with his disciples on the beach! Jesus prayed in ‘parks’! We believe this is a practical but realistic step towards meeting together for corporate worship in the future. Just as your spiritual health is important, so is your physical health! That’s why we’ve also put together some basic Health Guidelines for gathering together in smaller groups during COVID-19.

If you host a Sunday Watch Party, please check out both the Sunday Watch Party Guide and the Health Guidelines for Gathering (click to view/download). Also, check out a brief ‘testimonial’ from one of our deacons, Joanna Gray, on hosting a group at her place in recent weeks. 

"We've been gathering in my front yard in Hillcrest for a couple weeks now. It's been great to sing together, drink an extra cup of coffee, and share some human contact (even if it's just eye contact) not through a screen. We used a laptop and a speaker and we chased the shade across the yard as the sun rose. Gathering in small groups like this is a great way to keep a sense of rhythm and begin to rebuild a new normal. May we all remember we are sharing our lives together -- no matter how we gather on a Sunday. I love you and I miss you all! And I have a couple more chairs, head on over!" -Joanna