Passive Faith vs. Persevering Faith, Family Sunday, Baptism


Discussion Questions:

Read Luke 8:4-15

Think about the 4 soils Jesus teaches us about. Have you seen examples of each type of soil in different people you've known? How about in your own life?

The parable invites us to ask the question, "What kind of soil am I?" If you're really honest with yourself, what kind of soil are you? The differences in the soils are their response to the seed ('the word of God' v11). 

Have you seen "the worries of life" choke out someone's faith? Your own faith? What can be done about that?

If you want to be the good soil, our choice is between being passive with our faith, or persevering in our faith. What would it look like to "hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop." (v15). What kind of fruit might God want to bring through his word in your life?



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