Spiritual Healing


Application Questions
1.      Break the ice: Have you had any experiences with snakes? If so, share a snake story.
Read Numbers 21:4-9 and John 3:7-10,14-18
(We’ll focus on the passage in Numbers in light of the passage in John.)       
2.      Re-read Numbers 21:4-6. Do you think God is over-reacting? Why or why not?
3.      Re-read Numbers 21:7. What helps Israel/us be open to salvation? Share how any of these things have helped you receive and experience salvation.
4.      Re-read Numbers 21:8. What is going on here? What is God pointing us to? Why is He pointing us to this? Why did you need Him to do this? Why do you need Him to do this today?
5.      Re-read Numbers 21:9. How do we receive salvation? Why is this all that is required? Ask yourself: Have I received salvation?  If you have, share a way that it has affected your life. In what ways do you continue to experience healing through Christ?
6.      Let’s pray fervently that we might be a church of grace where healthy friendships are helping us and others receive and experience salvation.


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