True Worship


  • Scripture: Malachi 1:6-14
  • Series: Malachi: How Unchanging Love Changes Us

Malachi 1:6-14 City Group Questions for Discussion

What is the role of parents in flourishing? (as a parent yourself or something you remember from your childhood)

Worship can be seen as a “test” of how/if we are flourishing. Are there other ways we can know if we are flourishing?

What are some wrong things we worship? Examples. How does that distort our lives?

Sometimes our idols feel like a good solution in the short term. What’s *not* serving us? What’s eating us? Instead of helping us, what’s wearing is down?

(Quick thought to maybe bounce off…) Who’s our governor? Not just “idols” but who do we see as our authority figure? Who do we respect? We pay taxes by default, more or less without complaints, do we tithe with similar ease? Etc.

Close out with a positive. Does anyone have a suggestion or favorite idea for worship or realizing the truth of who God is. How do we aim the fire hose of our worship?


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