Where is the God of Justice?


City Group Discussion Questions

READ Malachi 2:17-3:7a

1) Have you ever been discouraged or struggled with your faith because of injustices you've suffered or witnessed? Share a bit about that.

2) WEARIED. "Instead of bringing complaints TO God, they are complaining ABOUT God to each other in unbelief." Have you experienced Lament before? What would it look like to bring your doubts, fears, questions, and complaints to God in prayer?

3) REFINER. "The beauty of this picture is that the refiner looks into the open furnace or pot and knows that the process of purifying is complete, and the dross all burnt away, when he can see his image plainly reflected in the molten metal." _ J. Neil.  As you reflect on your life, are there seasons where you've experienced the refining love of God, meant to purify your faith? (Read 1 Peter 1:6-7, 1 Peter 4:12-13)

4) WITNESS. By breaking God's laws, they are being unjust, bringing injustice into their own communities, and then blaming God for the results. What does it mean to take God's Word and the commands in His Word seriously? Have you thought about how God's commands are connected to justice in your life?

5) MESSENGER of the New Covenant. Where is the God of Justice? He's hanging on a cross, suffering unjustly, for the sake of you and me. Jesus came first as a Lamb, and when he returns it will be as the Lion. How does the truth that no one will get away with anything give hope to your soul? Have you trusted in Jesus and received the refining love of God? Are there ways you need to renew that trust and hope today?



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